Software Testing

Manual Testing
Software LifeCycle Models
Software Quality Assurance
Testing Fundamentals Terminologies
Testing Phases
Software Testing life cycle
Test Plan
Types of testing
Testing Environments
Entry Exit Criteria for Testing
Test Case Development
Test Execution Strategy
Test Evaluation & Reporting
Defect Guidelines
Defect Life Cycle
Project Management
Quality Management
Configuration Management
Risk Management
Test Summary Report
Test Certification
Cross Browser/OS Testing
Security Testing
Automation Testing - Selenium
About automation tools
Selenium at glance
Loops, Arrays and Functions
Object Oriented Programming
Packages, Access Modifiers/ Exception Handling
Collection API/ Reflection API
String, File Handling, Log4j
Java DataBase Connetivity JDBC
Selenium IDE & Selenium RC
Selenium WebDriver
Object repository types
Object identification
Object spy
Junit Framework
What is Junit
Configuring Junit 4 in Project/Eclipse
Junit 4 annotation
Running Test in Junit
Parameterizing Tests
Using Assertions
TestNg Framework
What is TestNg
Installing TestNg in Eclipse
TestNg annotations
Running a Test in TestNg
Batch Running of tests in TestNg
TestNg Reports
Advantages over Junit
Using TestNg in Selenium
What is Ant
Downloading and configuring Ant
Build.xml configuration
Building a BAT file to run tests using ANT
Automation Testing - QTP
Introduction to Automation Tools/QTP
Prepare to Record
Working with Object Repository
Using Standard Checkpoints and Output Values
Using Multiple and Reusable Actions
Adding Steps Without Recording
Object Recognition Problems and Solutions
Using Recovery Scenarios
Data Table and Data Sheets
Object Recognition
Regular Expressions
Expert View
Recovery Scenario
Descriptive Programming
File Object
User Defined Functions
Exception Handling
Working with Dynamic Data
Retrieving External Data
VB Script Overview
Introduction to Frameworks
Introduction to QC
Introduction to BPT
Live Project automation – Using Frame work
ETL Testing
Database Concepts:
Overview on Different Types of RDBMS
Difference between OLTP and OLAP?
Database Normalization
Types of Constraints
Overview of Views, Functions, Stored Procedures and Triggers etc.
SQL Concepts:
Types of SQL commands (DDL, DML, DCL & TCL)
Filtering data using LIKE (wildcards), BETWEEN, AND & OR etc.
Usage of DISTINCT, TOP, Order by, Group by, UNION
Types of Joins and their usage with examples
Aggregate Functions
String Functions
Date Functions
Conversion Functions
Ranking Functions
NULL related functions
Concepts of Sub query and correlated sub query
Advanced SQL queries using CASE, DECODE, EXISTS etc.
Frequently asked SQL interview related queries
Data Warehousing Concepts:
What is Data Warehousing?
Data warehousing architecture
What are Dimensions and Facts?
Slowly Changing Dimension (SCD) Types
Concepts of Data Modeling
ETL Testing Process:
ETL Projects Architecture
ETL Tester activities in each phase of STLC
What do we look for in requirement documents?
Defining Test Plan and Approach
Test cases and Test data preparation
ETL Testing Techniques used in Execution
ETL Testing Deliverables
Different types of issues/defects that are frequently observed
Challenges in ETL Testing
Working with ETL Tools like DataStage, Informatica, Abinitio etc.
Reports Testing:
What are Reports and Importance of Reports Testing?
What is the approach for testing?
Overview of various Reporting (BI) Tools?